The Interview pt 2

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The Interview pt 2

Rachel was staring down ward at the floor, through the fake window looking into the movie set thinking, ’This is where I will be revealing myself as well as my private parts for people ’strangers’’ to look at. Fondling another woman and being fondled by another woman are experiences I have never really thought about, and now my god I will be doing both in front of a group, maybe hundreds of people looking on and bidding as if I were a car, or a house, or a piece of meat on the butchers block up for grabs.’ A shudder raced through her as Starr walked around the corner with some papers in her hand.

’Hey Rachel you look really worried, well if you didn’t you probably wouldn’t be here.’ Starr comforted and started massaging her shoulders as she stepped behind Rachel and then consoled, ’Just think Rachel you will be doing what you want to do with me and getting paid for it.’

’I’m so /scared/">scared I’m shaking.’ She held up her trembling hand as proof.

’I remember this part of the wait.’ Starr warmly acknowledged and gave a tender kiss to Rachel’s ear and then admitted, ’At every little bump or clank I was ready to dash for the door as if my life depended on it,’ and started combing her hair with her fingers then assured, ’The clients are going to want to see some uncertainty in your actions hear some hesitations in your voice, just remember it is okay to have a good time and get paid for it! I survived it and I still look good!’

’Yea you do. You don’t look like a whore you are beautiful. I don’t want to look like a whore.’ She firmly pointed out adding, ’I’ve seen some of the street walkers, and they look so hard.’

’That’s because they live a hard life, work with Leon and you won’t. I was young like you when my parents split and I didn’t want to stay at home. That’s when I met Leo, now that is far behind me, and now I have my own home with all the trimmings, a car, a boyfriend, and I am still working with Leon. You’ll do fine.’ Starr consoled as she continued running her fingers through Rachel’s hair.

’Oh Starr tell me about one of your /bad/">bad ones, I know it hasn’t all been milk and honey.’ Rachel asked as she continued to stare at the bed and chair in the set through the window.

’It was my last contract and I picked the wrong one of the top ten bidders. I call her the ’dildo diaper lady,’ ole Leon fixed her though; she has a flag next to her name now. That means the couple must list every little thing they want to do and what they expect to have done on the contract, in the black and white’! On’ paper!’

’I see you are still a little tweaked by it, tell me a about it please!’ She urged Rachel’s mood was starting to warm up.

’Hell I had to potty in diapers like an infant and wait for her to change me. It was weeks before I was allowed to go to the bathroom like an adult and then only a few times, and weeks between the times that she would pleasure me. I would mess in my diapers and she would change me. No! Hell no! I couldn’t tell her either I had to wait for her to stick her finger through the elastic leggings of the rubber pants or down my back. Then she would act /surprise/">surprise and say ’oh’!’ the baby is wet or ’oh’!’ the baby went poop!’ Starr had wrinkles between her eyes and her face looked almost angry as she recalled the events for Rachel.
Rachel laughed out loud then Starr joined in. They sat on the couch in the staged set. ’Keep going Starr!’ Rachel prodded and put her hand in Starr’s.

’So all day and night for weeks at a time I had to where the diapers, rubber pants, and a strap on dildo, with sweats on over them, as I performed my duties. No bra just the very loose fitting sweatshirt and pants. I looked like a pile of dirty laundry walking around the house and I had to pull them up all the time; they were so loose they would slip over the rubber pants and hang on the dildo. I would have to seduce her if she came into the room, or if I ran into her doing house work. Some times not often she would take the strap on off me and put it on and poke me through the diapers and /kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss me, and /kissing/tit-kissing/kiss-my-tits/">kiss my tits eventually she would pull the diapers down just enough to slip that thing into me and mount me from behind with my legs closed, and slowly work it back and forth inside me. She never hurt me with it, and sometimes she would get me to climax, but only sometimes.’

Starr stretched and went on, ’When I messed in the diapers she would clean me with a hot washcloth, and wash her hands then sometimes not often she would finger me. Then put fresh diapers and a clean pair of rubber pants on me then hand me the strap on, and watch as I put it on. She wanted me to do it just like she did poke her genitals through her clothes, and then I would pull her pants down just enough to enter her from behind. We would have sex for hours and some times taking turns. Stopping only long enough for her to milf porn videos potty and then we might start again, or she would order me to finish the house work or fix something to eat.’

Starr took a long drink of water and started telling her story, ’I think she made the dildo her self, I’ve never seen anything like it for sell. It was thin and shaped like a corkscrew with stiff but flexible wires coated with rubber and on the end of each wire a hook shaped node and was faced outward, so when it entered it would pull my labia in, and on top it had hoops that would grip at my clitoris and they felt really good but strange. Those pointy balls it was tipped with felt really strange inside me. It looked like a weird bottle scrubber. The only time I was nude was in the bath but I still had that dildo on, because sometimes she would climb on and do it in the tub. I had to wear it night and day cause she quite often wanted a quickie and I had to be ready to deliver at the wink of her eye.’

’It is still fresh in my memory because this is as bad as it can get and not break the rules. The /first-time/">first time I soiled my diapers it was my second day, and I was roused from her kissing and fingering me and I needed to go, but in stead of letting me up she climbed on top of me and rode that thing for quite a while. It was just too weird I had to do both pretty bad and couldn’t go just lying in bed, even with her bouncing on top of me, I thought my bladder was going to burst. I made coffee and breakfast, when we got up, she just sat in the nook reading a book while I cooked and set the table. I kept bumping into things with that dildo. I tell you it had to look funny me dressed in only an apron and diapers and that dildo getting caught in the cupboard handles. I remember needing to go so bad it hurt, I was trying to will her out of the kitchen so I could go, but no. We sat together eating and drinking coffee and talking. It was very difficult to talk and not reveal that I was under so much pressure. Any way I am sure she knew.’

Starr gave a short loud laugh and went on, ’The pressure in both my butt and bladder was so intense I had trouble clearing the table. It was when I put my hands in the warm water I lost the fight. I could feel the pee start to trickle no mater how hard I squeezed it just kept leaking out, and I had to shit really’ really bad, I remember feeling the tip of that turd poking out. I squeezed those muscles so tightly I couldn’t move I just stood there with my hands in the water making grunting noises as I strained to keep it in. She heard me and walked up to me she reached around my waist and rubbed my belly kissed me on the neck and said, ’just let it slip out you’ll feel much better.’ I can still feel my stomach cave in and my knees buckle as I grunted convulsively. I felt that turd slide out and it mooshing against my cheeks as it pressed into the tight diaper and when I started to pee, again I gushed. I could feel the diaper and pants sagging from the weight as I filled them. I heard her sighing as I grunted. She made me finish washing the dishes before she changed me.’

’That sounds gross.’ Rachel gasped out and then asked, ’Did she at least do a good job of cleaning you?’

’Oh yes she had to. The clients are not allowed to harm or cause the need for medical attention. I could feel my piss weeping through the leggings as I walked to the changing room. Any way she got so hot, her panties were totally soaked. We had sex all over the house that day she must have had a dozen orgasms. We walked from room to room with me behind her keeping that dildo inside her. We rolled around on all the floors, on all the beds and couches. When ever she was ready to cum, she ordered me to, ’hold that dildo tight!’ as she put it, then climb on top, and then take short staccatoed strokes until she orgasmed. She really got wet when she came, my whole belly would be soaked, and then she would lay on me for a long time resting.’

’What was her husband like?’ Rachel eagerly pried.

Just then, Leon walked in and announced, ’The server is down, so there will be a short delay. How are the two of you doing?’ he asked.

’Just fine. Starr is telling me some of her war stories.’ Rachel was noticeably relaxed as she talked Leon.

’What the diaper lady?’ Leon sneered adding, ’She isn’t going to bid this time I’ve cut her off for this set of bids.’

’Yes. How did you know?’ Rachel asked.

’She tells that one the most, then there is the one where she got knocked up the first time.’ He said, smiled and then left.

’Come tell me a little about him.’ Rachel coaxed asking for more, ’What turned his screw?’

’He liked to stuff that /dick/big-dick/">big dick of his down his wife’s throat. I think making her gag was a real turn-on for him. He would grab fistfuls of hair and make her suck it for a while, then tease her gag reflex and when she wrenched he would pull her head down and shove it in at the same time. Her arms would flail about as he stuffed her nose into his curly hairs with that cock down her throat. Take it out and start again. He would say, ’Lick my balls this time bitch,’ and in he shoved that /cock/cock-fat/long-fat-cock/">long fat cock. He made me watch all the time you could see her straining to lick his balls. He would pull it out, she would dry heave, cough a few times, and he would start it all over till he was ready to ’shoot his load’ as he put it. I never saw her barf, but she sure dry heaved and coughed a lot. He would /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth or inside me what ever made his fancy that day. He would tell her to ’swallow it bitch,’ she would fake it and make me swallow it a little at a time after he left.’

’That sounds perfectly horrid Starr!’ Rachel said as her face twisted with an ugly grimace.

’Oh it wasn’t so bad after I got use to the routine.’ Starr admitted and explained, ’When I first started I almost lost a different contract cause I couldn’t deep throat the guy. You would be wise to learn how before the end of the first month.’

’Tell me how.’ Rachel eagerly pried.

’When you feel the gag just slip it in fast.’ Starr answered.

’That’s all.’ Rachel groaned.

’No you have to get use to it before it gets better.’ Starr said with a soft giggle.

’That isn’t magic blowjob porn videos I can do that.’ Rachel said with determination and pressed farther, ’We have time tell me some more please!’

’I’m sure you can.’ Starr retorted and then continued with her story, ’He was rarely there. Of eighteen months, he might have been there for six months. When he was, he was nasty towards her, but nice to me. He wasn’t much of a lover, but it was a nice break from that dildo. He would order her to take my diapers off when he wanted to use me and tell her to make sure I was clean. Once he walked in and ’ordered!’ her to bathe me saying, ’Clean her up good! I want her fresh!’ He rarely lasted more than ten minutes, but he wasn’t rough like he was with her, so it felt okay. I came close to cumming a few times with him, but didn’t because he would ejaculate too soon. When he was through, he would order her to, ’finish her off,’ as he put it. She would enter me with that strange feeling dildo with those hook shaped things gripping my labia and those hoops stretching my clitoris. She never went in deep just pass my lips and worked it in and out with her thumb massaging my clitoris. I would cum really fast not because she was good, though she was, but because there was a long time in between orgasms so I was ready. Some times, he would watch and other times he wouldn’t. She wouldn’t even let me pee before putting the diaper back on. Sometimes they would be cloth diapers other times they were the disposable ones. Shit! I can feel them sagging now and that clammy wetness.’

Starr fidgeted in her seat adjusted her pants and panties then went on, ’I was really glad she didn’t make me wash them, I think that was a secret thrill for her. She had that look on her face when she came from the laundry room. I don’t think she played in it, but she did get a thrill from cleaning me up, she was so hot afterward, and maybe washing the diapers. Ready girl here comes ole Leon and he is wearing a smile. Its on.’

’Here I want you to wear these blue panties and the two piece body suit.’ Leon ordered as he handed the package Rachel and assured, ’They’re clean they are brand new. If you want while you can still have some privacy you can use the changing room there,’ pointing at a single door.