One night at the drivein

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One night at the drivein

On Saturday night Bobby and I decided to go to one of the last drive-in theatres still in business. We have to drive 30 miles to get there and will stay until the last movie is over. Lately, the topic of our conversations has become more open and honest. We both have admitted that we have never told anybody else about a lot of the stuff we talk about. For some old waman xxxgx reason we have found an unexplainable comfort and trust in each other that we can share stories about the strange techniques that we use while masturbating.

Last weekend at the drive-in we got so turned on that we took turns going to the back seat to masturbate. I’ll admit to the readers of this story that I was completely aroused by the sound of my /friend/best-friend/">best friend masturbating directly behind me. 

When he showed up at my house this Saturday night in his moms mini-van. I knew that this visit to the drive-in would be different from all of the others. When we arrived, we parked at the far end of the drive-in along the fence so we could watch the movie through the large back window. We would also be spread out on a sleeping bag and some pillows that Bobby had brought along with him.

I was like a bitch in heat and did not have the patients to go through the usual chitchat we would start with before we could get down the personal and private talk that I enjoyed so much. The tone of sexual lust was evident in our voices. I couldn’t take it anymore and just decided to take control of the situation and break the bokep sma pecah perawan ice.

This is cool Bobby, It’ better then sitting in the front seat of your tiny ass car for 5 hours.

I know except their no back seat to take turns jacking-off.

Shit dude! You already know everything about me so I guess your going to get to see me use some of the cock stroking techniques I was telling you about.

No way! You’re going to beat right in front of me.

I’m not shy. Besides it’s just you dude. I don’t care if you see me stoke my little cock.

Little cock? I’ve seen your dick before and if that’s little then I’m tiny. I can only imagine what it looks like when it’s totally hard.

What are you talking about Bobby I’ve seen your /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock before. I wish that I had a /fat/">fat cock like that.

It might be thick but it still stubby. Not like that hanging piece of meat that you got.

Hey! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

What? Thinking about what?

I guess not then. Never mind

Wait! Wait! I think I know. I’m just nervous because I’m afraid that I you might not be think about what I’m thinking.

Oh fuck Bobby! Are we going to play this game? I’m nervous too. So let me make it easy by asking a question. Picture whatever it is that you’re thinking in your mind.

Okay, I got it.

Great. Are we naked?


Then we’re thinking about the same thing.

Awesome! but I’m still nervous as hell. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to start.

’How about if we start with this’

I turned on my left side and slowly moved my face closer to his. I could see a look on his face that I had never seen before. I had known this guy since the third grade and I’m moving my lips closer to his. I did it slow so that he would have time to stop me if kissing a guy wasn’t his thing. Bobby reached up and put his hands on each side of my face and slowly pulled my down.Our eyes where locked together and with only a few inches left until contact, I saw Bobby eyes slowly close and my eyes did the same just as I felt our lips make contact.

I slowly parted my lips and Bobby let his tongue rest where our lips met. A surge of sexual energy rushed over me unlike anything I had ever experienced causing me to plunge my tongue right into my best friends mouth. He immediately did the same and we where off and running. I could fell Bobby’s hands caressing the said of my face and back of my head. I was lost in the most powerful and satisfying kiss that I have ever been a part of. 

I have never known a gay person or had any thoughts of doing gay shit with a guy. But my best friend was something different. I couldn’t explain the feeling that was coursing through every inch of my body, but I did know this. If this is what it felt like to be a gay guy then I wanted to be the gayest motherfucker known to mankind.

Bobby pushed back and rolled us completely over until he was on top of me. I could feel his /erection/">erection pressing against mine. I reached around a placed one hand on each of his butt cheeks and started to squeeze them. My hands where all over the place and found their way under his t-shirt. I ran hands up and down the bare skin on his back. It felt smooth and very warm. I had used this move on many of the girls that I have had sex with but for the /first-time/">first time it stirred feelings in my heart. I pulled Bobby’s shirt off and he help me to remove mine. When he moved back down to resume kissing I could feel our bare chest pressed together. It was beyond warm, it was hot. 

I felt my dick getting ready to let loose a river of cum in my pants. I pushed pack on Bobby and told him that I almost shot off. I had barely reached for my zipper when Bobby finished the job and literally tore my pants and boxers right off.

It was like a dream and I knew that I was feeling something more then just being horny and messing around with a friend. So many thoughts running through my brain but the thought they I wanted sex with Bobby was powerful.

I’m butt naked with my best friend in the back of his mothers mini-van on a Saturday night at the drive-in. We are about to have /gay/gay-sex/">gay sex and I’m not about to lift a finger to try and stop it. I had always thought that /gay/gay-guys/">gay guys where drama queens and attention whores. Taking every opportunity to rally over this issue or protest over that issue when they just want to be on in the spotlight. If it wasn’t gay marriage it was gay rights.

If I am gay I should be punished for all of the things that I had thought about gay people in the past. I feel sick to think that I could have been so stupid and say a lot of things that I really didn’t mean. I was thinking that I should be tarred and feathered by gay guys. Then I thought honey might be better then tar. OMG honey! That solved it! I am gay.


Those are the words that snapped me back to attention. Bobby is sitting on my legs and stroking both of our cocks as one.

What did you say?

Can I put it in you? I have never felt like this before.

Like what? horny, turned on, hot?

No, it’s better then that

What could be better then that?

Being in love with you

I can think of something way better then that.

Oh um’.okay then’. like what?’’’’’

Being in love with each other.

FUCKER! You /scared/">scared me. I should kick you ass.

I thought you wanted to fuck me. Make up your mind already.

Bobby grabbed the jack-off lotion we had used on our last visit to the drive-in and rubbed it on his cock. I turned over onto my stomach and prepared for the worst. From all that I had heard about /butts/butt-fucking/">butt fucking I knew this was going to be painful.

Bobby says to me ’No way /lovers/lover-boy/">lover boy, not like that’ and he rolls me over onto my back and lifts my legs up placing one on each of his shoulders. I look at his face as he pokes the tip of his cock around looking for the opening. I knew the very second that he had found it when shear pain flooded every inch of my body. My 7 inch boner instantly went limp to a size that I had not seen since I was 11-years old. It’s almost unbearable.

Bobby’s eyes close as an expression of utter pleasure washes over his beautiful face. His mouth hangs open in a perfect ’O’ shape. Tiny gasps of air are being taken in and let out like machine gun fire when I feel his pubic hair make contact with my butt cheeks. 

I’m not sure if it was the short length of his cock or the pleasure that my ass was giving him but the pain I was feeling was no longer important. Bobby rose up and held my ankles nearly to the floor next to each ear and begins a rhythm of pumping like a freight train leaving the station.

Soon he has found his groove and it’s official. There is no going back. My best friend is fucking me. The sound of it all is erotic. The squishy sound of his lubed cock sliding in and out of my ass is loud and the sound of his balls slapping against my ass is even louder. 

’Oh fuck I love you, I love this, and I never knew it could be this way, your ass is awesome. Is my cock good for you?’

I pull his face down so I can kiss the guy who is ripping my ass in two. The pain still lingers but the passion overrides it.

’Your cock is perfect’

Right then I noticed that my own dick was coming back to life and I was actually pushing upward to accept his invading cock. Just as quickly as the pain arrived, it seemed to fade away. 

A second ago I was wondering when it would be over and now I hoping it will last. I get on my side and give Bobby better access to my /asshole/">asshole. Now I’m making demands on the poor guy who’s sweating like a big.

’Yeah dude! Come on fuck me faster’

’Oh you want it faster do you?’

’Yeah man, I can take it, give me all that you got’

’Dude you’re fucking sexy when you talk like that’

’Shut the fuck up and slam that beer can sized cock of yours in me as far as it will go’

’I’m getting ready to cum. I need something to cum on’

’You better not cum on something. I didn’t let you rip me in half with that log-splitter so you could come on a Kleenex. I want to kiss you while your filling my ass up with your cum’

’Oh man! It’s so close. I’m going to cum so good and so deep in your ass. Then I want you to do it to me. Are you ready dude? It’s cumming. Now man, it’s cumming now. Oh shit I coming in your ass and I love it, I love you’

Once Bobby finished cumming he collapsed on top of me and we kissed each other until his cock softened and fell out on it’s own. He planted little kisses all over my face and neck while confessing his own desires. 

’Now its your turn. I want you to feel what I felt. I know that /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock of your is going to hurt like hell but I love you, I want you. I need you inside of me’