Romantic Evening

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Romantic Evening

For well over three year?s I had constantly fantasized about the idea of watching my 49 y/o /girlfriend/">girlfriend sleeping with another man. After some time she became aware of this /fantasy/">fantasy of mine and made it quite clear that she didn?t share. At first, I thought she only meant that she wasn?t willing to share me lol. But then I realized that what she had really meant was that she wasn?t into sharing herself.

Months went on and nothing changed, until one day I stumbled upon an Australian on-line Adult dating site. After reading through the various profiles, I came across an all male group that went by the name of Sydney Troops. Troops held parties for married, attached and single females and catered for almost anything. The group itself comprised of married, attached and Single men and could arrange a one on one situation for the woman, or literally provide a group of Men . One of the groups ?apparent? trade marks was that each member was required to be medically tested for STD?s on a regular basis. I couldn?t alain lyle porn help but wonder how safe such an arrangement could be. The thought of Beth being even potentially involved in such a scene, gave me more that enough inspiration to get in touch.

After secretly sending Troops an email explaining what I wished for (of course along with a photo of Beth), I nervously waited for a reply. The next day some guy called John rang, and said he had sent Beth?s pic to the others. Apparently everyone agreed that Beth was very sexy for a 49 y/o and John confirmed that my situation was quite common. He had a standard plan and left it up to me to implement.

One week later the following Friday evening, Beth and I prepared for our romantic evening out that I had promised her. She knew I had booked a very private table for two at a cozy Restaurant at Eastwood in north western Sydney. I noticed she was laying out her black medium length dress, black stockings with frilly tops, little lacy black panties and matching heels. She had even spayed herself with extremely seductive perfume. I called out from the shower that I would love to see her wearing her long earrings.

The dinner went well and after one or two white wines, I suggested to Beth that we go over to The Eastwood Hotel for a drink. I was extremely excited at this point and despite having second thoughts, continued walking with Beth toward The Back Bar which had its own side entrance. Once inside I noticed 10 or 11 average looking men in their 30?s, 40?s and 50?s talking together. From photo?s John and I recognized each other and John immediately called out ?Richard ? what on earth are you doing here ????
As planned, I introduced John to Beth, explaining he was my old Dentist who often visits Sydney on business. John then introduced the others to us as Members of the local Rotary Club. I couldn?t help but notice that Beth was quick to spot the two black men amongst them. We had a few drinks, talked and generally got on very well with this group of almost completely strange men. I had to visit the Men?s room and whilst there couldnt help wonder what was happening. I rejoined Beth and cut a longer story shorter, after about an hour, it was getting close to closing time, John suggested that we all come back to his Motel to have Moet Champagne, in which we all agreed.

Once back at Johns Mecure Rosehill Motel room, I could tell that Beth had absolutely no idea that everything was pre arranged, but could also tell that she also seemed excited to be the only female among 12 men in this 5 star Motel room.
After 4 or 5 white wines that evening, and yet too pee, Beth excused herself to Johns Bathroom. Unlike the others, I was half drunk, but was still clearly able to notice that Beth had hardly disappeared when without warning, the whole group of 11 Men, simitaneously smiled at me whilst quietly stripping off all their clothes.

Can you imagine how I felt at the instant ? Put yourself in my shoes for a second. Just imagine it was your wife or girlfriend in this guys Motel bathroom doing what ever /women/">women do in bathrooms, and genuinely having no idea that just outside standing all around the bed and side lounge, are 11 very virile strange men, now with enormous erections. It was a mixture of total anxiety because the situation has reached the point of no return, pure excitement and fear that she is going to completely /freak/">freak out and what then. The guys seemed to have it down pat. They talked and laughed a little so as it didn?t seem strange too totally unsuspecting indian santali xvideo Beth. FINALLY, about 4 minutes after we heard the toilet flush, we noticed the bathroom door opening.

I looked to see a (not at all angry but) completely shocked look on Beth?s face. What the ?.. She muttered.. But then within a couple of seconds I could sense a smirk coming and I was right. With the men all standing their in the full glory, She said Richard, I?m pretty pissed off and shocked about this, but I can?t help but admit that its excites me to no end seeing all you guys waiting for me. With that the men moved in on Beth. Within a minute they had my girlfriend out of her black dress and sitting on the end of the bed. Here was my Beth now thoroughly surrounded by cock while completely naked accept for black stockings and perfume.

I got angry that they got straight into intercourse without seeming to care (at all) whether Beth was wet enough. Luckily (understandably I guess) she was. She expressed concern that there were no condoms in sight, but just as John started to explain...... suddenly the first guy inside Beth really started giving it to her and John could hardly be heard over Beths moans. So for the next 4 hours until about 5:30am, I watched Beth fuck these increasingly less so, 11 strange men. Like usual anal was a big no no, but these men gave Beth so many orgasms from fucking and licking her that I seriously lost count. This was very humiliating because normally she only has just the one. In fact the black stockings were ripped in no time?.. It had been hard to imagine Beth with another Man, let alone seeing her with 11 decent sized cocks cumming deep inside her one after another.