Sex with my hot gym teacher

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Sex with my hot gym teacher

One day I was changing in the locker room and I was naked as I had just had a shower. I was toweling off with my back to the entrance of the locker room, I then turned around to grab my underwear when I saw her, my /teacher/gym-teacher/">gym teacher. She was simply standing there, staring at my naked body.

Before I continue let me describe my self and my /teacher/">teacher. She is 56", shes got a skinny /athletic/">athletic body, 34d tits, the best legs and ass I have ever seen, and an amazingly beautiful face. I am 58", muscular, with a 10" dick, and I have been told that Im pretty good looking.

Anyway.... I was shocked to see her then and out of instinct I covered up quickly. She said distractedly "The girls locker room was closed, I was grabbing a towel..." Shen then came up to me and removed the towel I was holding to cover my self up. "Wow xxx your so big." Those four words set me on fire, and my dick grew. "Do you mind if I touch it?" "No.." I said quietly. She gently grabbed my dicked, and slowly jerked it off, her rythym increasing ever so slighty. This caused me to get as hard as a rock.

I looked at her cleavage, it was beeded with sweat at the room was very very warm. She was wearing a tight tanktop that pushed her boobs up with no bra, and some short shorts. Her nipple poked through her top. She noticed me looking and got up and slowly and sensually removed her clothing piece by piece.

When she returned to me she held my dick in place and teased me with her tounge. She eventually started to suck, at first only the head but soon she was taking in almost all 10". She stoppped just before i reached the point of /climax/">climax and said "now i want you inside me". She pushed me onto the bench, her breasts jiggling in the process. She grabbed my dick and slowly and carfefully guided it into her pussy ( her pussy was pink and swollen, completely shaven, with her juices running freely)

The first few inches went in and her pussy felt very tight, inch by inch i went in until all of the 10" were inside. She began to pump up and down, the rythym increasing with every stroke, her moaning becoming louder and louder. She reached down and began to rub her clit and moan even louder in /ecstasy/">ecstasy as she orgasmed. I grabbed on of her tits and pinched her nipple and squeezed the rest of the tit.

After this i layed her down on the bench and titty fuck her until i shot a load all over her face. But this was not enough. While my dick was still flacid, I went down on her, tasting her /sweet/">sweet juices. I teased her with my tounge, licking her so gently she could barely feel it. "Please, oh please porn videos download finger me" she moaned. I accpeted her plead and spread her pussy with one hand, and fingered her with the other. Not being able to resist she began rubbing her clit, and i switched to eating her out with my tounge again, this time as hard as i could. She moaned and moaned until her body shook with repetitous orgams.

She lay there panting, her breasts moving up and down quickly, to the beat of her breath. My dick had grown hard again and i lubed it up with her juices, and then turned her around. The head of my penis slowly entered her anus, followed quickly by the rest of my dick. She screamed in pain, but the pain quickly turned to pleasure as i pumped harder and faster and til i came again flooding her ass. I removed my dick and spanked her until her ass was bright red. My dick was once again rock hard so i fucked her pussy doggy style. She moaned and moaned as even more orgasms hit her her body shaking, her tits swaying to the beat of my dick pumping in and out of her. The beat increased until I came in unision with her final orgasm, flooding her pussy.

She then got up and sucked me clean, and we went to the showers to clean off. After this we had sex many, many more times.