Johns Wife Angie LeeChap 4

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Johns Wife Angie LeeChap 4

Angie Lee was due in from the states to join her husband John at his overseas assignment. 
Although John was glad about seeing his wife after a few months without her, he was a bit
apprehensive about her arrival. He had been real forced anal against her will involved with my wife's Goody. Actually,
he had been involved with my wife and her best friend Goody. 

Angie and John married when they were both in their mid thirties. She had a succession of
affairs during her motherless teenage years. Her mother abandoned Angie, her dad and a
younger sister. Later at twenty-something she was engaged to be married. The groom-to-be
disappeared one day. Though she tried, she didn't think she would ever find her "Prince
Charming". All of the were married, which didn't seen to matter to her. She became
easily attracted to men. In other words, she was horny almost all the time and she rather enjoyed
fucking other women's husbands. She was single and a government employee at a military
installation which gave her a wide assortment of available, and unavailable men. 

Before she married John, Angie had been involved in numerous affairs with married men. She was
no bimbo, xnxxv sunny leone video but she was a cunt. She would become acquainted with the wives of her paramours, then
reveal their husband's indiscretions. Somewhere in her deluded mind this might have given her
some dark secret pleasure because she thought she was "saving" the marriage by doing so..........but
it also caused a stinking uproar every time. This effectively shed her of one adulterous liaison in
order to search for the next. Still, while intelligent and deep, she had conflicted feelings about
her sexuality and her religious beliefs. She would revert to her beliefs when unattached. She
considered herself a good Christian, but when it came to sex, her weakness as she called it, she
could not help herself. Sometimes, she said, she got so horny she could fuck a tree. 

Angie Lee looked forward to joining her husband John overseas. He was in the military and by
necessity left her behind till he was settled and had adequate quarters assigned. Sometimes this
took months. However, she had traveled to Europe in her younger days and remembered again the
brief but passionate affairs. They were both mature enough to understand each other's sexual
needs and found common ground concerning their expected separations.

Angie attracted men easily because she was quite direct in her approach....she hit on them in a shy
and coy sort of way. Not romantically inclined, she just wanted to fuck something new. She was
no beauty, quite plain even, but she had a wonderful body perfected with rigorous daily exercise. 
She was light-skinned and purposely avoided sunlight to keep it that way. Her features were
gypsy-like, dark-haired and light-eyes, of average height.

After an five month wait, she joined John and quickly met his military friends and their wives. 
They were a friendly, close knit group of people. They worked hard and they played hard,
together. John seemed to gravitate to a younger group of special friends in their twenties. His
best friend was a young man named Ted. His wife Dot was a local girl, outgoing and a lot of fun to
be around. Dot was also very beautiful. She was blonde, slim and tall, green-eyed, and
long-legged. Although Dot was somewhat bohemian, Angie liked her immediately.

John and Angie's free time were spent sight-seeing and shopping for souvenirs. John showed her 
all the places he had been to before she got there. Weekend evenings were spent mostly
gathering with friends, dining and dancing. One of John's favorite places was a small gasthaus
near their housing area. It was run by an American ex-serviceman. Everyone called it Gene's
Place. It was very popular with the American military crowd. Angie never smoked cigarettes or
drank caffeine or alcoholic beverages. Her considered her body the temple of her soul. 
Secretly, she kept a bottle of Morgan David blackberry wine in the kitchen cabinet. To settle
her nerves, she told herself. At Gene's Place she would occasionally sip wine from her husband's
glass. This led to many refills for John. It got to be a source of humor with their friends. Angie
and John drank wine from one glass. 

Angie looked forward to their evenings out. They would dine out and bar hop and dance with his
friends till the wee hours. The wine curbed her inhibitions and she enjoyed the new scene 
immensely. She knew that European women had a different perspective about life. For instance,
they did not wait to be asked to dance by the men and took to the dance floor with each other
without hesitation. She noticed that Ted's wife Dot danced with a lot of the women, especially
with Rod's girlfriend, Goody. 

Angie learned that Goody was Dot's best friend. Rod was one of the young servicemen in the their
unit. He was a big, good looking farm boy. He was shy, soft spoken and well mannered. One
particular evening when she had just come off the dance floor sweaty and very tipsy, she sat on 
her husband's lap. John ignored her while he talked with someone else at the table. With one arm
draped around John's neck she watched Dot and Goody enjoying themselves on the dance floor. 
Then it dawned on her. Why didn't Dot dance with her? Seems Dot had danced with everyone in
the place but never with her. Angie herself had never danced with any of the other women, there
were plenty of willing male partners, mostly John, Ted and Rod. But Dot had never pulled her to
the dance floor like she did Goody.

When the music stopped, Angie watched Dot and Goody make their way from the dance floor to
the lady's room. She decided to join them. They were having so much fun. She walked into the
lady's room as several other women were going out. She could hear Dot and Goody laughing and
talking with each other in the stalls. She glanced in the mirror and unsteadily poked at her hair
and make-up in the mirror. She was about to say something to the girls when she realized that
they were in the same stall together. She froze at the mention of her name. They didn't know
she was there.

"I haven't seen you dance with Angie yet." She heard Goody say to Dot.

"No, but I'd like to get her out there and give her gorgeous ass a good squeeze. I don't think
she'd go for it though. She's not the type." Although Angie was plain, she was narcissistic about her wonderful figure and indeed possessed a gorgeous pear-shaped ass.

"You mean she wouldn't like it if you did this to her?" Angie heard Dot catch her breath.

"No.....I mean, yes, that. Do that........mmmmmmmm! Hurry Goody........a quickie!"

Angie heard Dot's breath coming faster and the sounds of sexual pleasure were unmistakable. 
She held her breath fearing that she'd be discovered. Listening closely she thought, "What are
these two girls doing?" Then it dawned on her. "They're pleasuring each other! No, how could
they be lesbians? Dot is married to Ted, and Rod is Goody's boyfriend. But they certainly were
engaged in sexual misbehavior," she thought. She could hear them moaning softly. And Angie's
breasts were swelling like they do when she's horny. "Oh, my god, this is turning me on!" Angie's
hands grasped at her hardening nipples. When they got like that they required attention. She
thought of her breasts as the "keys to the kingdom". Get these and the rest comes with it. She
felt the wetness coming. She had never been confronted with a situation such as this and never
for a moment did she think she would react like this.