Summer project

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Summer project

The train pulled away behind her, leaving her standing in a cloud of steam, which was kindly pulled away by the last carriage. The station was just how she remembered it. Immediately she began her final journey, a brisk walk of over twenty-five minutes along such treasured paths saw her in front of the hostel farm.
That too was non-changed in the three years it had been since her last visit. On entering the forever-open main door, there sat Mr Edbury, the elderly owner and only occupant that is apart from the guests.

?Bless my soul? he commenced? if it isn?t Lilly Mane?. On shaking hands, he stood and bid Lilly should enter, he continued, ?I must confess, I knew you?d arrive, I received the cheque from your father. But I always remember your name, for as you know, the Valley has always bloomed Lilies, but non such a pure example as you?.

Lilly was easily embarrassed; ?I shall blush, surely? she remarked ?I?m also surprised you should remember one such as me, after all it was always full of us young City children, and I was of no doubt the quietest?. 

On lighting a pipe, he sucked in the first lungful before adding ?Yes, but the other girls never had the same class, I remember you never paid any attention to all that depraved nonsense about boys, always in your books? he chuckled.
Lilly replied in a sour note ?Yes, I suppose I was a little boring?.

?Boring? he exulted ?There should be more like you Lilly, It was a pleasure when you used to come here with xxx sex video download free com your Dad and your brother -fine lad- yes, and here you are back again, but on your own and I should guess eighteen years old??
Lilly wore a shy smile ?Yes eighteen? She replied timidly. 
?Yes ? He groaned, ? Many things have changed here though?-
Lilly inquired ?Such as??
?Well, for a start, you mentioned before it was always full here, not anymore?
?Why?? she enquired ?Did something happen??

?No? He pondered ?But it would have, I had to keep my eye on things, so for a start I allowed no more boys here, at least no boys I didn?t trust. And more to the point no girls with bad thoughts? he puffed ? Disgraceful this is the country, folk, especially young folk are to come here only for the beauty and charm of it ? He puffed harder ? And there?ll be no disgusting behaviour under these roofs?.

Lilly unlaced her hat ?Then how many am I to share the hostel with??
?Two, but they leave the day after tomorrow?. The self-bemusement that bestowed his face lured him to utter in self-defence: ?But I?m right, I?m right. Yes, a lot has changed? he smiled, ?but you Lilly you haven?t changed, I?ll bet that book you behold in your arms is your new project?? he grinned in anticipation to a response, a grin so strong Lilly answered smartly in case he might explode ?Yes, just some dried flowers?. With relief for both, the raging smile (now no more than a grimace) gave way, and settled into a much more comfortable bearing. 

Now much more contented he showed Lilly to her room, he left her alone without further ado, as his welcoming chat had been heavy enough for both, Lilly flopped onto the firm bed. Staring at the ceiling she mused over what had been said. And the fact that she would be alone in two days, the prospect of having no companionship, it was already becoming dark, and maybe she may never meet the other girls, they could come back while she is asleep, she teased herself with a multitude of possibilities ?all bad.

?We knocked n your door last night, but you must have been sound asleep? Lilly sat relieved among her two new friends ?Well, to be honest I thought I might miss you, so I tried to stay awake, but I must have been over tired from the train journey?.
?Oh, good-morning Ladies? interrupted Mr Edbury ?I see you?ve met Sara and Jane,
they?re good girls, now ?when you finish breakfast, take our Lilly down to the Lake?

It was a fine sunny day, Lilly?s fine blonde hair sat in shining contrast to that of the two dark heads beside her. The three girls had chosen a particularly beautiful spot in which to sit. It was perfect also for Lilly as it drew many flowers.
?This is lovely, it grows only near the Lake.? said Lilly.

Jane reached over and pulled it from the ground ?Here Lilly ? put it in your book, it?ll look beautiful? Lilly took it from her hand and placed it in the middle pages, she gently squeezed the book shut ?Thank you Jane? she smiled. ?Yours is such a beautiful book? remarked Jane. 
?I?ve got a beautiful book too? quipped Sara. ?Oh really? beamed Lilly, ?Let?s see it?. The two girls giggled villainously. Jane muttered ?No, no Sara don?t. You heard Mr Edbury, she?s not interested in those things?.

?In what things?? demanded Lilly. ?You know, boys, men, those things.? Replied Jane.
Lilly was shocked by the answer, more shocked at her own inability to have guessed the subject, the subject she had always avoided.
?Is that what the book is about?? Lilly inquired nervously ?Men??
?Yes? whispered Sara ?But it?s a very naughty book, and I?m not sure it?s a good idea for you to hear what is to be said in it?
?Stop that Sara? said Jane rather annoyed ?You know very well it? not for every-ones ears, -but would you like to hear it Lilly?? ??Yes, I would, but is it very bad because?? Sara interrupted ?It?s pornographic! It was written three years ago in nineteen fifty-nine, by a woman who was a nymphomaniac?.
Jane laughed ?Don?t be too impressed by Sara, Lilly, she hardly knows how to pronounce it. But we are all agreed??

?Then we must chose a reader,? said Sara with devious pleasure ?Between My fingers I hold three blades of grass, you can go first Lilly?
Lilly reached out her slender hand, that, try as she might, trembled slightly, the few seconds in which she had to choose, took a painful eternity, but she chose, she pulled away a blade from the pinched fingers of her tormentor. It was short.

?Don?t despair? grinned Sara ?Maybe it?s longer than ours.
Jane chose what seemed to be a blade longer than any lades around their feet; it was just left for Sara. She unfolded her fingers to reveal a blade a hair?s length longer than that of Lilly?s. Sara passed her the book. ? ?You can start where the page is folded?.

A quick glance before she read aloud, confirmed the nature of the book, only where she had to begin wasn?t softened by an introduction that must have been some pages ago.

She began, her audience waited with their eyes shut in expectation, her own eyes wide like saucers, for the same reason.
She gulped ? ?His penis grew in her mouth? she threw the book down ?no, no I, I can?t, I can?t do it?.
The girls needing no more encouragement than their ready state of arousal savagely snarled in unison ?You must, you must?.

Lilly, especially in the light that, even Jane was now in opposition, picked up the book. ?His penis grew in her mouth, breathing threw her nostrils violently, she sucked hard as she wanted his throbbing manhood at its full potential before being fucked ? No, no I really can?t? Lilly dropped the book, and fled back to the house ? bolted into her room and locked the door, a sharp contrast from the night before, Lilly wanted to speak to no one. To her complete distress, she replayed the scene from the book over and over. 

She stayed the whole night alone in her room. Rejecting the request from Mr Edbury for dinner. Staring at herself in the mirror, she marvelled at sexxxx video ful hd the acts at which people are capable. She took for a while to looking at her flower book, but it served to no purpose, she could only think of one book, that disgusting depraved book ? what would Mr Edbury ever think of such acts, she thought.

At last feeling tired she began to get undressed, taking off her summer dress by way of letting it fall around her feet, leaving her standing semi naked in front of the mirror. An inquisitive check of her own body, soon had her looking at her own attributes, she had always been slim, but for the /first-time/">first time she was aware that she was looking at the sexual appeal of her body. Sexual appeal that surely was there. Her body she concluded was well formed, her breasts although not large, were full and in no need as yet of a bra. She ran her hands over her backside, twisting to see in the mirror, on this with a sigh, she fell onto the bed in surrender, so many question, and so few answers. She coiled up her knees and pulled her knickers down her legs and over her feet. As they came off she became aware of how wet they were, completely wet, holding them closer for inspection, she knew why they were wet. Tossing them to one side, she gave excuse to her feelings, by way of telling herself that these were her own private thoughts and that nobody would ever know, or more importantly, could ever know. With these newfound secrets, she decided she could think what she liked, as she was her very own secret holder, and she thought, who better to entrust a secret to than yourself.